Welcome to Krazy Korner!!!

Bourbon Balcony Bash
Party on the largest covered balcony
on Bourbon Street!

On the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter, the Krazy Korner is one of the best places to enjoy New Orleans rhythm and blues and good times!

The Krazy Korner nightclub & bar is a place where many of the recording artists of the 50's and 60's would visit while in New Orleans. It's known as a fun place to be and the best place on Bourbon Street to enjoy rhythm and blues.

Masks Today, many performing artists stop into the Krazy Korner! We're the best nightclub on Bourbon Street for live music, jazz and rhythm and blues!

Mon. - Fri. 5 pm till
Sat. & Sun. 2 pm till
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The Krazy Korner
640 Bourbon Street
(corner of Bourbon and St. Peter)
Mon-Fri: 5 p.m. - til
Sat & Sun: 2 p.m. - til
Reservations: 504-524-3157

E-Mail:  reservations@karnocompanies.com


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